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McCrotz from toronto, Canada

Location: My balcony, Toronto, Canada.

My wife is a food blogger -- http://gastrobutterfly.blogspot.com/

While I have the privilege to be the "Quality Assurance" and lucky enough to have her amazing dishes as my dinner, at the same time I have to wait for my wife to prep the dish and take picture of it.

At one night I was so hungry I couldn't stay at our apartment room and smelled the food she cooked. I went out to our balcony and patiently shot this pic with 20 seconds shutter.

27 Oct 2010 7:31pm

P. Morris from Canada

Wonderful pic you took from your condo. Haven't been to T.O. for a number
of years now, the city is changing rapidly. This really is one excellent picture,
you must have used a timer. Looks like Queen St., beautiful work.

28 Oct 2010 8:13pm

McCrotz from toronto, Canada

Thanks Phil! You almost got it, it's actually the esplanade south of queen st. Downtown Toronto is changing rapidly, cranes are everywhere.

29 Oct 2010 5:40pm